Monday, January 5, 2009

Moving a reporting database

Another task I just finished in regards to SSRS was moving the reporting database. We have an older server we were using for developing the report on. The system team gave us a virtual server (we're going to run virtual when we go live). I wanted to copy the existing catalogs to the new server so I wouldn't have to re-deploy them all. These are the steps I took. In my case the new report server was already installed and configured

1. Backup the encryption key on the source server using the Report Server Configuration Manager. This should be done regardless.
2. Backup the reporting database on the source server.
3. Restore the backup from the source to the destination server.
4. Apply the encryption key from the source onto the destination.

After I completed these steps all the reports and their data sources and credentials appeared on the new server's Report Manager. Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

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