Thursday, July 10, 2008

SQL 2008 on August price list

OK, I guess this means we can order it next month. However this articlefrom a TechNet blog only states that 2008 will be on the August list, not that it will ship then.

But this is still good news. If it doesn't ship in August, surely it will be very soon after.

Catching up after vacation

First and foremost, I passed 70-447 on June 27th. I'm done with the 2005 exams, not going to worry about the BI track since I'm not that fluent in SSAS or SSIS (I do know SSRS pretty well, though). So I made my goal of being certified in SQL 2005 before SQL 2008 came out.

Speaking of which, Microsoft just announced yesterday that 2008 will ship in August. More on that later.