Monday, March 1, 2010

Issues installing SQL 2005 SP3

Before I get to the details, I’d like to ask a few questions. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who’s had problems installing SQL service packs or hotfixes. Has anyone else had the errors I’m mentioning below, or anything similar? What procedures or best practices do you follow when installing patches? 

Last week I finally was able to install SQL 2005 SP3 on our production servers. I’ve installed countless service packs and hotfixes in the past on numerous servers both physical and virtual, development and production. And I’ve never run into the problems I had last week.

In this case, I’m upgrading four production sites from SQL 2005 SP2 with the CU7 hotfix installed, build 3239 (see this article from SQLServerCentral that matches build numbers to service packs). When I installed SP3 on our dev and test servers I received the usual warning about running software. So last week I tried to stop the SQL services on the first 2 servers. This brought up Error #1: The services were telling me that I lacked the proper permissions to stop the SQL service. Now my account is an administrative account on the servers so it has plenty of rights, certainly enough to stop the service. ISP3.

Now comes Error #2: The system databases on a SAN drive were read only, and again I didn’t have proper permissions to rewrite them! Again, I’m an administrator and should have been able to do this with no problems. Reading the install logs just gave me the same information. And again, this error only occurred on the first 2 servers, not the final 2.

Next I logged off the servers and logged back in using the same account that the SQL services run under. I continued to get the same 2 errors on Server 1, but Server 2 let me complete the installation. Still no errors at all on Servers 3 or Server 4. Now I’m getting concerned.

My next step was to restart Server 1. After the server came back up, I could finally install the service pack. When I finished I checked the Windows and SQL error logs for any clues that would explain why my permissions were being denied. I must admit my Windows admin skills aren’t the greatest so I probably missed the cause. I did notice that the anti-virus program we run had similar issues at the same time, but the anti-virus doesn’t hit the database files and I wasn’t trying to do anything with the anti-virus service. My guess is that somehow Server 1 and Server 2 somehow couldn’t validate my account after I logged in.

Anyway, I thought I was finished. Not quite. My final step was to verify the new version. So I ran SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') and all four servers returned SP3. The build number now showed as 9.00.4035. All looks good, right? A few days later I ran EXEC sp_server_info.

Finally we get to Error #3. On Server 2, remember that I had problems at first with permissions but I thought the SP installed correctly on the 2nd try. But now looking at the value for DBMS_VER and SYS_SPROC_VERSION I’m seeing the build is still showing 9.00.3239! Why? I’m not sure. I think it’s due to 1 of 2 reasons.

First, even though the SP3 install looked to be successful the second time it somehow skipped a component. During the reinstall I thought I selected all components, but it’s possible that I only thought I did, skipping something. NOTE TO SELF: for future installs document what components you’re installing. At least take a screenshot of what I’ve checked.

The second possibility is because of Analysis Services. SSAS was installed on Server 2 but the service is disabled. That makes sense since we’re not using SSAS currently, but the reason it was installed on just one server is lost to the mists of time. In any case the SP3 install logs show that SSAS was disabled and it’s at build 3239. But by that logic it would only be as 3239 if it was running during other patches. Again, I can’t be sure.

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