Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I learned today – auto generate create table DDL in SSIS

I’m pretty new to SSIS, only having played around with it to see how things work. This is probably well known to SSIS developers but I just ran across it accidentally. I’m learning SSIS and I’m currently working through Brian Knight’s book “Knight’s 24 – Hour Trainer Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Service”(I’ll review the book when I’m finished). Lesson 15 is walking me through loading the contents of a flat file into a new table in a SQL database with the OLE DB Destination.

When I’ve done this before, I’ve always written a DDL statement to create the table. This time, I connected the Flat File Source, which has my sample data, to the OLE DB Destination.This time, when I clicked to create a new table, SSIS generated the CREATE TABLE script based on the definition of the flat file! The only thing I had to change was the table name, and even this would probably have been handled if I had renamed my destination first.

image image

I didn’t think the table would be created until the task was run. But after clicking OK, the table was listed in my test database. I hadn’t even finished defining the destination!

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