Friday, September 4, 2009

Replaying Traces – What I’ve Learned

So I’ve been running these replays for a while now, with mixed results. There are a number of  lessons I’ve learned along the way.

  • Check what’s running inside the workload you’re replaying. There may be something that will affect the replay. In my case there was a collection trace that was started by the third party software I use for monitoring the production servers for performance. Since this trace had no corresponding stop, it kept running after the rest of my workload was completed, making me think there was a different issue. The only thing I don’t understand is why it stopped on it’s own in half the replays.
  • After you load the workload, you can apply a filter and reload the workload. This is how I eliminated any call for sp_trace_setstatus.
  • Restore the master database to eliminate any replay errors due to mismatched database id’s. This comes directly from BOL. I was ignoring it because at first I wasn’t seeing any errors. But later, especially after I started on the virtual servers, I was seeing more and more errors where SQL wasn’t running against the right database. So when I started the last round of replays I restored the master db first.

I’m in the process of replaying all scenarios again so the data is consistent. So far I’ve completed the 4 physical tests. Coming next are the 3 32-bit virtual, 2 64-bit virtual, and 1 final with VMWare’s 8 CPU server.

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