Thursday, February 21, 2008

SQL 2008 February CTP is available

CTP6 is available at

I've just finished installing it and I'm starting to poke around a bit. Now I haven't been keeping up with the new or changed features in SQL2008, and I havn't played with the previous CTP's. So I was surprised to see that the Area Configuration Tool is not there. What's replaced it? Or is it just missing from the CTP and it will be in the final rollout? Definitely something to look into.

The installation went pretty smooth. SQL 2008 is running next to SQL 2005 on this computer and there were no conficts during the installation. I did have one issue, though. When I tried to set up the accounts to run the different SQL services, it told me the password was wrong. No, I wasn't typing it incorrectly, I tried many times. I finally got past that by creating a new administrator account and used that to run the services. Later I'm going to go back and change what account they run under, to see if it will allow me to do that.

I'll be back when I poke around a bit more.

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